Make Over Your Office With These Cleaning Tips

An office makeover can work wonders for any office, making it both more conducive to productivity and more pleasant to work in. If you can’t quite scrape the money together for a full-blown office makeover right now, you might find that a good office cleaning could result in a significant improvement. Here are a few ideas on how you can get started on your office makeover.


Clear away clutter

Clutter tends to accumulate despite best efforts to maintain a clean and tidy office. The problem often stems from uncertainty as to which items will still be used and when. One way to effectively deal with the clutter is by sorting each item according to three categories: items to store, items to dispose of, and items to keep handy. Bins or boxes can be utilized for the initial segregation process, after which each item should be dealt with accordingly. It might take a bit of time and effort, but this process will help ensure a more pleasant workspace that actually inspires employees to work.


Invest in organization tools

Investing in a proper organizing system makes cleaning out the office a much simpler and more efficient task. Filing cabinets are still effective options for modern offices, and the vast array of designs and styles available means that you won’t have to put up with a huge gray metal monstrosity taking up a huge chunk of space in your office. Items that you don’t need frequent access to can also be stored in overhead compartments, desk drawers, or in a dedicated storage room.


Get your desk in order

Desk clutter has a way of building up to a point where it makes it impossible to work properly, at which time the debris begins to migrate to other areas of the office. One way to avoid this is by investing in stacking trays where documents are sorted according to priority. This will help avoid the piles of paper that are still the most common forms of clutter in a typical office. Like filing cabinets, stacking trays today come in a variety of colors and designs, so you should have no trouble finding a few that will blend perfectly with your office motif.


Throw out unneeded items

A significance percentage of your office clutter likely consists of old documents, old records, paperwork, and the like. You might find that a lot of documents you thought were essential are better off relegated to storage or shredded. You could even make digital copies of non-essential documents if you really need to have them on-record.


Formulate a plan

Having a clearly defined plan of action will help you keep on track and ensure a more efficient process. The first thing to do is to formulate a time table for when office cleaning should be done. Keep it realistic and make sure to allot plenty of time for the job to be done property.


Next, identify the areas that need cleaning and outline a plan for how the task will be done, including how many people are needed, what materials are required, and what special arrangements have to be made, if any.


Finally, get everyone involved in the cleaning effort. Not everyone will be eager to pitch in, but full cooperation from everyone in the office is essential in order to ensure optimal results.

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