Features To Look For In It Management Software

IT management software can become an asset that boosts the efficiency of your organization, or it can become a liability that chokes the workflows and information your company needs to thrive. Choosing IT management software can tempt you to choose glitzy feature-rich solutions that exceed your needs and budget. Meanwhile, financial considerations might pressure you to skimp on functionality, resulting in a solution that doesn’t provide adequate support. Optimize your selection process by looking for the following features in your management software.

IT Monitoring Platform

Your IT team can’t manually stay aware of everything going on in your network, but the right software package can track activities and events on multiple levels. Proper software for IT management should have the ability to monitor all your networks and systems to aid in the efficient allocation of your human resources. When you can quickly and proactively identify and resolve service bottlenecks and security issues as well as other problems such as failed equipment, your software has accomplished its purpose.


Remote Monitoring and Management features (RMM) simplify IT management by allowing team members to provide services and support to local and remote clients without leaving their desk or requiring redundant IT departments at remote offices. When individuals need assistance, they can click a button to open a service ticket and have an IT specialist diagnose and resolve their problem in real time.

Automated Onboarding

Employee turnover in many industries has become a significant driver of HR costs, so many companies have made their priority getting new workers trained and productive. Encouraging employee engagement at the onset gives companies a chance to make staff members feel connected to their teammates and personally fulfilled. Automated onboarding shortens the learning curve of new hires as well as the time required to make them feel like a productive part of the team. Features such as automated setup get new users logged into company networks and application without forcing them to sit idle while the rest of their team works.

Automated Setup and Maintenance

N-able Technologies allows automatic setup features of your IT management software speed the installation of software applications on new workstations assigned to employees, substantially reducing the downtime associated with replacing employee workstations. Similarly, automated maintenance ensures that systems within the organization receive the latest.

Automated Reporting

The amount of data processed by companies, even small firms, has grown unmanageable without IT software to create automated reports. Make sure that the IT management software you buy can produce the reports you need for security and decision-making purposes.

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