Why Canadian Realtors Should Choose Direct Mail Marketing

Realtor marketing comes in various flavors these days; from social media updates to email marketing and from website banners to Google AdSense. What about traditional methods such as billboards, commercial radio spots and direct mail marketing?

Real estate agent marketing does not have to be confined to the online world. Although most realtor marketing these days is conducted almost exclusively on the Internet, real estate professionals who still use direct mail marketing are bound to get an edge over their competitors.

Putting Direct Mail Marketing Into Perspective

As recently as 2014, a Pitney Bowes survey among North American households revealed that more than 80 percent of residential tenants check their snail mailbox on a daily basis, and half of them indicated that they actually enjoy this activity.

The most interesting statistic of the aforementioned survey is that 73 percent of households queried explained that they prefer receiving promotional materials via direct mail instead of in their email.

Canadians associate direct mail marketing with services that are traditionally related to the household; to this effect, pressure washing, roof repair and auto oil changes come to mind. Canadians have also come to expect getting mail from realtors, particularly those with whom they are already familiar with.

A Personalized Message

Direct mail is ideal for realtor marketing because the real estate industry thrives on referrals. To get referrals, Canadian realtors need to stay in touch with their client base so that they are always on their minds. Email does not work well in this regard, and social media tends to lack the personal touch.

In recent years, Canada Post has conducted a branding campaign to remind consumers that text messages and other modern communications do not have the same warmth that snail mail has always been known for. The two main factors creating this warmth are: human involvement and personalization.

Successful Canadian realtors know that their direct mail campaigns should go beyond postcards that offer their services or that show the last home sold in the neighborhood. The idea is to create a mailing that is useful and interesting to the recipients; something that is likely to end up on the fridge.

Compiling a list of important telephone numbers is a traditional, yet very effective, marketing idea. Such numbers will come in very handy when the power or Internet service are out, so it is important to include information about those public utilities.

A guide to local restaurants, particularly those that offer home delivery, is another neat idea that direct mail recipients can appreciate. In the end, the goal is to associate the work put into creating the mailer with a realtor who actually cares about the community he or she sells to. There are additional resources at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, which may help you learn more information.

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