How to Improve Customer Service Levels as a Helpdesk?

The Huffington Post recently posted an article online describing precisely the main topics that global companies focus on when offering customer service. These topics include always-on, personalized, and faster services. Each service specifically impacts the way that the customer receives assistance and the level of efficiency of that assistance. One of the main techniques in providing all three of these services is utilizing both helpdesk software and remote support software.

Always-On Service

The idea of an ‘always-on’ service stems from the idea of a customer always being able to find help. By using a helpdesk software, businesses can offer customers access to large online knowledgebases that provide an instant, always available, source of information pertaining to the product. This also means that customer service agents should always be able to provide assistance to customers at any moment through their remote support software. A lot of companies are offering customers the opportunity to speak with their agents face-to-face with video calling programs, or through the ability to chat with an agent in a real-time text based application.

Personalized Service

Every customer wants to feel like someone special. Companies must offer a personalized experience for their customers in order for them to continue purchasing their services and products. This includes calling the customer by their names, asking them about their previous support tickets or purchases, and building rapport between the customer and the agent. In terms of customer service, this can all be achieved through comprehensive data and information being made readily available to the agent. The agent can then see if this particular customer has had the same issues before, requested similar assistant, or is a long-time patron of the business.

Faster Service

One of the more frustrating moments of trying to get assistances from a company can definitely be the ‘hold’ time. In fact, companies have entire customer service policies to handle customers that have had to wait on hold for an ‘unusually’ long time, which means they don’t have a system in place to give customers the instantaneous service they need. There are certain proactive choices that a business can make, like choosing to use helpdesk software or giving their agents remote support software, that will allow customers to not only connect with an agent quickly, but the agent will also be able to help that customer or direct them to a support article in the knowledgebase much more quickly.
In the end, there is an obvious choice the companies have when they decide which tools their customer service agents should have at their disposal. Companies that utilize knowledgebases, community forums, helpdesk support, and remote software connections will empower the customer. Plus, agents will be able to offer personalize, fast, and always available support, which the top companies consider the most important challenges that customer services face!

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