Microsoft 2010 Security Updates and Product Support

Microsoft Office 2010 is still relevant at least until October 13, 2020 for Service Pack 2. This, however, is for people who have extended support, and it depends upon the product life cycle. In any case, knowing how long you can receive help for this software tells you if security updates are available.

Determining an Office Product Life Cycle

Sometimes, it can be confusing to find out if you can still receive security updates for your product. However, Microsoft will announce when the support for certain products is to end. Therefore, you should not have to worry about receiving assistance when you need it.

Usually, looking on the “Microsoft Support Lifecycle” chart helps. For instance, it says that the Office Service Pack 2 product life cycle started in July of 2013.

In addition, the chart indicates that support ends after the product’s lifecycle or 12 months after the product’s support lifecycle. By the way, the lifecycle of most consumer or business software products is at least five years, or it is longer with extended support.

Available Security Related Updates

Many security updates are available on the second Tuesday of each month. These usually are provided for most of Microsoft’s product line including the Office suite. Following Patch Tuesday, some updates are retracted if a bug is detected. Then, new security patches are reintroduced.

Other Microsoft Updates

In addition to security patches, non-security updates are usually available on the first Tuesday of every month. Many of these are for Office products, and they sometimes include bug fixes or any other program repair that would improve this software’s performance.

Moreover, Microsoft offers many other updates in addition to the ones for Microsoft Office 2010. For instance, the Surface devices are constantly being upgraded with new firmware and other fixes. All month long, the need for additional product updates is randomly fulfilled.

New versions of Office, especially the latest versions of Office 365, also receive regular updates that are almost always online. This includes fixes for all versions of Outlook, and it also involves fixes for OneDrive, Access, Excel and other products.

The Future of Microsoft Office 2010

At some point, this version of Office will become obsolete just like some of the earlier versions. Many people, in fact, have already become accustomed to using the 2013 or 2016 versions. Most people nowadays are also storing work online as well as on removable storage for extra peace of mind.

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