5 Tips to Choose a Courier Service for Online Sales

Having your items delivered successfully could mean the difference between ongoing and increasing sales or a buyer looking to your competitors for their needs. The company you choose to handle your deliveries may help or hinder your business. Following these tips will allow you to hire a shipping company that ensures your products are delivered successfully, which will benefit your overall operations significantly.


1. Research potential companies

The first step in hiring a courier service is identifying your needs. Are your shipments local or international? Do you need overnight delivery? Tracking? Answering these questions will make sure you find a courier service that will work for you. After this, make a list of courier services in your area that can meet these needs. Read reviews of them online. These reviews are written by people who have used the service you are considering. Pay close attention to customer service, cost, and whether the shipment successfully reached its destination.


2. Guaranteed delivery dates

If you gave the buyer a specific date to expect your shipment, you need to confirm whether the courier service is able to deliver in time. Otherwise you will appear unreliable. Choose a courier with a multitude of delivery options as you never know when you may need a rush or overnight delivery.

You want to be able to confirm that a package was delivered so check that the courier service you are considering offers proof of delivery and tracking. That way you can track the package when it is in transit, get notifications of any updates, and you are able to provide tracking information to the recipient to take advantage of the same privileges.

3. Do not be obsessed with price

While price is very important, it should not be the sole determinant in whether you hire a particular courier service. The lowest cost will always be the most attractive, but this may not always equal the best value. When comparing services, each company should be relatively similar to each other in price. Be cautious of the company that gives a significantly lower estimate. They may be inexperienced, uninsured, or could charge you additional or hidden costs later on which could raise the overall price considerably.


4. Confirm insurance is offered

It is bad enough when the package that you shipped does not reach its destination but you want to have a mechanism in place so you can at least offer the replacement cost to your customer and cover your own costs as well. For this reason you should confirm that the courier service has insurance and can show you proof if requested. Having insurance will give you peace of mind that the delivery will reach its destination successfully and if it does not you and your customer will be covered the full cost of the item. Be sure to check the amount of insurance that their policy covers to guarantee that the full cost of your item will be covered.

5. Do not be afraid to do trial runs

The courier service that you use could mean the difference between your business being a great success or a major failure. Therefore, hiring one that is efficient, fast, and professional is crucial. Shipping in Canada means there are many courier services ready and willing to help you with your delivery needs. They may all look fantastic in their ads and on their websites, but how do they actually operate?


Hire a courier service based on your research and use them for a handful of deliveries. If they are inefficient, slow, and display poor customer service skills, stop using them and go with another company. This is the upside of there being numerous services available. You are able to hire a different one if you are unhappy. Do not feel like you need to be loyal to a company that is not doing a great job. This could cause your business venture to be an ultimate failure.

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