Maple Consultants is a business and I.T. consultancy firm established with the goal of providing information technology support and services to businesses of all sizes and scopes, in all areas of business and industry. Our primary focus is on helping client firms develop effective computer and communications networks that will enable the most efficient and most productive business operations possible. We work with clients on an “as needed” basis, and also in long-term business relationships, wherein we provide essential management and support services.

Maple Consultants provides more than just computer network operation and setup services. We are also capable of handling common business issues such as telecommunications, remote data storage, and other related concerns. As such, we frequently play a major role in the selection of vendors and service providers for Internet access, as well as telephone and long distance communications services. As part of our services, we also help companies make decisions with regard to acquiring the necessary hardware for network computers, internal servers, and even workstation connection cables, among other requirements.

Maple Consultants also helps companies make solid decisions regarding the software they will need to acquire for their business networks. Our long years of experience and expertise in various areas of business-related I.T. concerns enable us to provide valuable advice for selecting software components that will ensure the timely and efficient operation of the business. If necessary, we even assist in the customization of software packages that will help corporate clients achieve their specific business goals. Our services are in fact geared toward helping companies assess their needs and enabling them to develop networks that will be most advantageous to them.